Projects, Clusters, InnoversityThe Global Innoversity is an innovation accelerator through which the world’s metropolitan regions get inspired and supported to develop, co-create and share innovations in food, agriculture and integrated resource systems. The Global Innoversity is a self-sustaining global program for mutual action learning on metropolitan agriculture in, between and for the metropolitan regions of the world. Its goal is to successfully develop, share and implement a globally acknowledged ‘methodology’ for developing metropolitan agriculture in innovation clusters in metropolitan regions around the world.

This methodology has two distinct parts that uniquely reinforce each other: a new approach to multi-stakeholder cooperation and innovation and a new approach to transdisciplinary and participative knowledge development. The methodology is characterized by a set of simple operating principles. However, implementing these operating principles is far for simple. That’s why the Global Innoversity provides an action-learning platform, facilitation, coaching & training as well as monitoring & reflection. It is the unique combination of services that makes the Global Innoversity a true innovation accelerator. The Global Innoversity has an ambitious but also realistic long-term goal: Ensuring that local metropolitan regions around the world in 2050 will meet the food, agriculture and resource needs of their populations in new, sustainable ways.

View the Global Innoversity Concept Statement [PDF 405 KB].